Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thinkin' bout home-born baby birth stories

Today, Ian will be playing at Seamus's house after a much-too-long time spent in different states. Kinda got me thinkin about Seamus being a home-born baby too. And, although I have never heard his mom's complete birth story, I have heard bits and pieces that equal enough to know a few things.
There was no threatening that if she did not do x y or z, her baby would be in grave danger and possibly die.
There was not a single time when anyone put his or her gloved hand up inside Chrissy's vagina and broke her water while saying "I'm going to break your water now" without discussion, consent or warning.
There was nobody who took her baby from Chrissy before she was ready.
Nobody tried to talk to her about an epidural, even though she clearly state she did not want an epidural, "Just in case you change your mind later".
And Seamus came out of Chrissy's womb, after whatever number of hours passed, without the benefit of forceps or a vacuum device or surgery and he lives these eleven years minus-one-day to tell about it.
And Chrissy gets to own her birth and tell her story without any mention of fetal distress or emergency procedures.
Not because she was lucky.
Because when you sit on your hands and let birth do its thing, far far fewer unexpected issues present themselves. When you educate your client for nine months prior to the event, when they are schooled in nutrition and REALLY what to expect and they take responsibility for their birth with you as their partner and guide but NOT as their boss or their savior, women can give birth. Most of the time, without your "help".

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  1. I love this! I'm going to have to steal that line from you - "...when you sit on your hands and let birth do its thing, far far fewer unexpected issues present themselves." (Don't worry - I won't really "steal" it.)

    Both of my children were induced, regretfully. I discovered the fact that people home-birth (by choice!) a few days after coming home from the hospital with my daughter Kairi last year when I stumbled upon mama-is.com. Heather had drawn her birth story and as I read it I thought to myself, "How empowering that must be!" I was hooked.

    I'm about to go back to school next month and I am switching majors from psychology to nursing so that I can eventually become a certified nurse midwife. I couldn't have that for myself, but I would love to at least help offer that to others!

    Thank you for summing up so beautifully what I've been trying to explain to my friends and family.