Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cake Walk

Ian, the baby, Ginger and I ventured out into Fredonia today. That's where I smelled it. I used to say that I love this time of year because you can smell the crispness in the air. Autumn air has its own particular scent. Some say it's the scent of decay. Today, it was the scent of cake.
"That's why I love this time of year!" I said.
"Because there's a lot of cake?" (This query proves just how well my nine year-old really does know me.)
No, because people are turning their ovens back on.
People are beginning to embrace that amazing and wondrous time of year when we turn inward and prepare ourselves to hold fast to the faith that Light Will Wane, but Light Will Also Return. Maybe it's the Irish in me, but one of my favorite transitions is the one into embracing death in Autumn. The circle begins its upsweep into the long, dark Winter and we begin to fuel our bodies and souls for another journey inward. Winter is a time for self-reflection and the deepening of roots. Autumn is our gateway to that time. One hand grasps the fleeting warmth of the sun while the other begins to wrap the body in layers of protection and sustinence. We are readying ourselves for the quiet miracles that can only happen in the deep and dark of Winter.
As long and sometimes depressing as Western New York Winters can be, Im so grateful to live in a place where Autumn comes Early.

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